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My Art

2011-11-11 17:00:30 by Awesomesauce806

It's now in the Portal, and in the Art section of my page. Enjoy and leave some requests/suggestions!

I just uploaded a few pieces of my art! (It's not in the portal though).

You Just got Awesomesauce'd

2011-11-10 19:24:37 by Awesomesauce806

Got 1 million kills just now!

Poke'mon Platnuim

2011-11-08 19:49:22 by Awesomesauce806

Just beat the game! Can't wait for the competition tomorrow!

Poke'mon Platnuim

My clan, the Undead Horrors, is killing the Ghost Killers clan.

I got Black Ops yesterday.


2011-11-06 15:52:30 by Awesomesauce806

I just finished my new Dubstep mix!